Accepted  papers

This section contains the keynote papers and accepted papers at the 2nd International Conference for PhD Students in Civil Engineering and Architecture-CE-PhD 2014 “Building the Community of Young Researchers” ( held in Cluj-Napoca from 10-13 December 2014. The conference has been organized by the Technical University of Cluj- Napoca Romania in partnership with Academy of Technical Sciences of Romania and SEnS Group. The conference has attracted 121 full papers covering the broad field of civil engineering and architecture. The final program and proceedings feature 91 successful peer-reviewed full papers that are grouped in the following main sections:

Structural analysis and design
Geotechnical and hydrotechnical engineering
Building materials
Energy efficient, sustainable buildings and building services
Architecture and urban planning

The organizing committee are very grateful to all authors for their valuable contribution and to the Members of the International Scientific Advisory Committee, as well as other colleagues, for their help in reviewing the papers published in the conference proceedings.

The CE-PhD2014 organisers are pleased announce that three best papers will be awarded. The best papers will be selected based on recommendations by the Members of the International Scientific Advisory Committee and external reviewers.

Invited Keynote Papers

Performance of Reinforced Concrete Walls Under Seismic Loading— Research Projects at EPFL and Future Research Needs
Katrin Beyer, João Almeida1, Raluca Constantin, Ovidiu Prodan, Angelica Rosso

The Wise Use of Ground Improvement Techniques
Alessandro Flora , Emilio Bilotta, Stefania Lirer

Numerical Models and Procedures for the Simulation of Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems
Alen Harapin

A Brief Review of Dam Safety and Risk Assessment
Dan Stematiu

Industrial Collaborations, Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer in an Emerging Country
Alexandru Căbuz

Section 1 – Structural Analysis and Design

System Identification for Simple Structure
Milan Sokol, Michal Venglár

Behavior of Steel Columns in Fire Conditions
Milan Petrović, Todor Vacev, Srđan Živković

Influence of the Initial Preloading on the Global Behaviour of Existing Reinforced Concrete Frame Structure under Strengthening
Tanya I. Chardakova

Global Response Evaluation of a Hungarian Late Romanesque Church Due to a Historical Seismic Event
Eduardo C. Morais, László G. Vigh, János Krähling

Study of Hennebique Reinforced Concrete Design in Oradea. Case Study: Ullmann Palace
Anca-Maria Durgheu

Setting Up a Test Stand for Steel Beam-To-Column Connections Behavior under Post-Earthquake Fire
Tudor Petrina, Dragos Muntean

Seismic Performances on Composite Frames with Different Steel Contribution Ratio
Gabriel M. Urian, Alina D. Haupt-Karp

Evaluation of Deflections for PFRP-RC Hybrid Beams with Complete and Partial Shear Connection
Catalin A. Neagoe, Lluís Gil

Amquake – Software Program for Seismic Assessment of Masonry Buildings
Mirela Bumb, Mircea Petrina

Relevant Aspects Concerning the Local Seismic Hazard for Iasi Municipality
Georgiana Bunea, Gabriela M. Atanasiu

Passive Seismic Protection. Added Mass vs. Added Damping
Delia M. Suciu

Numerical Model for Earthquake Analysis of Buildings Equipped with Different Devices for Seismic Damping
Adriana I. Ionescu

Using Bouc-Wen Method for Hysteresis Curves Simulation of BRB Dampers and SERB New Romanian Dampers. Experimental and F.E.M. Studies for SERB Dampers
Adriana I. Ionescu

Justification to Launch Main Girders for a Steel-Concrete Composite Two-Girder Road Bridge
Marin-Catalin Mitoiu

Numerical Simulations of Bolted Beam to Column Connections with Haunches in Steel Moment Frames
Cosmin Maris, Cristian Vulcu, Aurel Stratan, Dan Dubina

Specific Analyses of Composite Integral Abutment Bridges
Zoltan Teiter

Stability Functions for a General Non-Prismatic Beam–Column Element
Ioana V. Marchiș, Cosmin G. Chiorean

Optimization of Hanger Inclination for a Tied-Arch Bridge
Mihai Vlad, Gavril Kollo

Reinforced Concrete Frames with Masonry Infills. Damages and Consolidation Measures
Cristian Petrus, Valeriu Stoian, Marius Mosoarca, Anthimos Anastasiadis

Advanced Nonlinear Inelastic Analysis of Composite Beams with Partial Shear Connection
Ștefan M. Buru, Cristian V. Miculaș, Mihai D. Șelariu, Tudor Milchiș, Cosmin G. Chiorean

Wind Surface Pressure Distribution on Advertising Road Sign
Marius L. Botos, Tudor Milchiș, Iacob Borș

Numerical Assessment of the Weakening Induced by Cut-outs Made in Precast Reinforced Concrete Wall Panels
Carla Toduț, Valeriu Stoian, Daniel Dan, Tamás Nagy-György

Nonlinear Numerical Investigation on the Seismic Behavior of Wide Beam-Column Joints at Roof Level
Sara Mirzabagheri, Abbas Ali Tasnimi

Cold-Formed Steel Framed Structures: Experimental Studies and Approaches
Paula I.Groza, Zsolt Nagy , Mircea Petrina

Failure Modes of Concrete Shear Walls Structures in Seismic Areas
Stefania L. Pasca, Roxana Verde

Nondestructive SHM of Wire Rope in Situ
Florin D. Lişman, Ludovic G. Kopenetz

Studies on the Behavior of a Structural Model to Be Tested on the Shaking Table
Daniela Oanea (Fediuc), Mihai Budescu

Numerical Modelling of Column-Base Connection Solutions for Steel Over-roofing Systems
Andra Floricel, Giuseppe Zagari, Viorel Ungureanu

Applications of Artificial Neural Networks in Civil Engineering
Alexandrina-Elena C. Pandelea, Mihai Gh. Budescu, Gabriela M. Covatariu

Thermal and Mechanical Assessment of Composite Steel-Concrete Cross-Sections Subjected to Fire
Mihai D. Șelariu

Section 2 – Geotechnical and Hydrotechnical Engineering

Stress-Strain Analysis and Global Stability of Tunnel Excavation
Slobodan D. Radovanović , Dragan M. Rakić ,Dejan Lj. Divac ,Miroslav M. Živković

Soil Improvement Using Deep Soil Mixing Method
Pop Mihaela-Aurelia , Lo Presti Diego C.F. , Ilies Nicoleta , Molnar Iulia

Response Spectrum Shape Piloted by Inverted Pendulums Free to Rock
Ivan Kraus, Mensur Mulabdić1, Vedran Jagodnik

Analytic and Numerical Study of a Single Pile Behaviour
Arpad Szerzo , Loretta Batali

Physical Modeling of Diaphragm Wall using Geotechnical Centrifuge
S. Wilomski

The Determination of Screwsol® Piles Bearing Capacity. Comparative Study Between Calculated Values and Measured Values.
Vasile F. Chiorean, Calin M. Gherman , Olimpiu C. Muresan , Lóránd Sata, Árpád Szerző, Vasile S. Farcas

Thermal Properties of Soils – Determination of Thermal Conductivity
Diana Rusu, Otto Leibniz

Underground Art Gallery
Margareta-Cristina Vranău, Nicoleta-Maria Ilieş

Problems Involving Application of Biogrout Technology
M. I. Máté, Zs. Kaltenbacher, L. Kopenetz, V. Fărcas, I. C. Molnar

Land Slide Stabilization for a Working Platform which Occurred during Excavation in Faget Area near Cluj Napoca
Ioan Abrudan, Marius Calin Gherman

Residual Shear Strength of Clayey Soils: The Influence of Displacement Rate
Gianvito Scaringi, Caterina Di Maio

Geo-Seismic Survey of Stratified Media using Body and Surface Waves. Comparison to Classical Geotechnical Investigations
Rareș V. Oargă,Vasile Fărcaș

Seepage study of Călineşti Oas earth fill dam
Marius Lucian Botos

Considerations on the use of Airlift Pumps in the Sewage Treatment Plants
Mircea-Vlad Mureșan, Elena Maria Pică, Marius-Daniel Roman, Raluca-Andreea Felseghi

Techniques for Laying Pipelines for Raw Water
Radu Pop

Section 3 – Building Materials

Chemical Additive Vuppor as a Replacement for Sawdust in the Manufacture of Brick Products
Branislav Janík, Mikuláš Šveda

Properties of Nanosilica Modified Concretes
Pawel Sikora, Krzysztof Cendrowski, Ewa Mijowska, Elzbieta Horszczaruk

Phase Change Materials as a Universal Solution for Thermoregulation
S. Paunović, J. Bijeljić, I. Nešović

Comparison between Several Models for Calculating Drying Shrinkage of Concrete
Yana D. Kancheva, Roumiana A. Hadjieva-Zaharieva

Investigation of SFRC Beams Shear Load Bearing Capacity
Katalin Halvax, Éva Lublóy

Contributions about Humidity Influence above the Massive Masonry  Buildings Degradation
Anca Mihaela A. Mogosanu

Reinforcing Glued-Laminated Elements Using Reclaimed Synthetic Materials
Vladimir Marusceac, Gavril Kollo

Elastic and Strength Characteristics of Plain and Rubberized Concrete
Rareş G. Ţăran, Oana M. Banu, Ionuţ O. Toma, Mihai Budescu

Section 4 - Energy Efficient, Sustainable Buildings And Building Services

Education, Hygiene, Habits, Income and Consumption Norms for Domestic Hot Water Demand in Romania
Radu Mănescu

Cooling of Photovoltaic Panels by Using Water Film Heat Exchanger
Valeriu Sebastian Hudișteanu

Green Roofs as a Means of Creating Micro Climate, Humidifying Dry Air, Water Retention and Unloading Surface Drainage
Zuzana Poórová, Zuzana Vranayová

Comparison of Reference Years for Bratislava and Derivation of Hourly Temperature Data
Martina Jurigová, Zsolt Nagy and Roman Rabenseifer

Comparative Analysis of Multi-Dimensional Heat Flow Modeling
Balázs Nagy

Insulated Sandwich Panels – Thermal Performance
Ancuța Maria Măgurean, Lidia-Maria Lupan, Ioan Moga

Sustainable Design: Easy Way to Energy
Marina Jodanovic, Ljiljana Jevremovic, Milanka Vasic

Volatile Organic Compounds in Indoor Air of a Residential Building
Ludmila Meciarova, Silvia Vilcekova

Indoor Environmental Quality and Productivity in Open Space Office
Zdenka Budaiova, Silvia Vilcekova, Peter Kapalo

The Geothermal Resources in the South Eastern European Space and their Connection to the Historical Backgrounds of the Built Environment
Jovanovic Aleksandar

Analysis of Historic Constructions and Solutions of Critical Details Using the Selected Simulation Programs
Veronika Bartošová , Dušan Katunský

Relevant Aspects Concerning the Experimental Stand for Different Types of Heat Exchangers
Cazacu M. Ionela

Total Building Performance Influence upon Sustainable Development
Alin E. Hoblea

Energy Efficiency Increase by Using a Trigeneration System in an Residential Building
Bogdan A. Tofan

Analysis of Energy Efficiency of a Double Skin Façade Equipped with Blinds in Relation to the Degree of Their Lifting
Vasile V. Cîrlan

The Quantitative Influence of Corrosion on the Market Value in the Assessment Process of Pipeline Transportation Systems
Ciprian Gheorghe

The Energy-Efficient Home – Timisoara ‘EEH’ Pilot Project
Maracineanu Cristian, Smaranda Bica

Test Bench of the Stirling Engine Cogeneration System for Residential Applications
Teodora Susana Oros (Pop), Claudiu Brad, Ioan Berinde

Section 5 – Architecture

Intensification as a Tool for Valorization of Slovak Housing Estates
Karol Görner

Pattern Design of Gridshell Structures. Experimental Pavilion Design
Popescu S. Cornelia-Victoria

The Digital Atrophy of Classic Architectural Authorship
Nejur M. Andrei

Green Zone Buildings in Modern Architecture
Jelena N. Stevanović, Milan G. Pavlović, PhD Gordana Topličić Ćurčić

Golden Ratio-an Aesthetic Standard in Nature, Science and Engineering
Ioana Craciun, Lucian Tudose

Aesthetic of Industrial Architecture in Era of Reindustrialization
Ljiljana Jevremovic, Milanka Vasic, Marina Jodanovic

Public Space as a Tool for Building Inclusive Communities
Katarina Smatanova

The Concert Hall as The Reflection of Technical Evolution
Costin V. Alexandru

The Architectural Model of Space for Interdisciplinary Research in Art and Technology
Kristina Careva, Bojan Baletic

Rethinking of Architectural Aspects of Psychoneurological Rehabilitation Facilities of Late XIX and Early XX Centuries (Europe)
Oresta Remeshylo-Rybchynska, Andrii Bayev

Innovative Tensegrity Models Generated on the Basis of Representatives of Living Nature
Yuliya M. Ilieva

Aluminium Factories – Values and Regeneration Option
Tereza Bartšíková

Socialization and Communication Problems in a Shopping Mall: Analysis of European Malls’ Social Spaces
Olena Berezko

A new tool for the study of auditorium seating layout
Costin V. Alexandru, Popescu S. Cornelia Victoria

Solar Optimization of Complex Architectural Geometry Using Generative Tools, Simulation and Search Algorithms
Nejur M. Andrei

The Ideological Model of The Eastern Bloc’s Mass Housing Developments in The 60′s
Szende Szentesi

Pavilions. Eco-technological Approach
Ghiran Ioana Codruta

Recovering the City Center in the Era of Consumerism
Iulia C. Ghibu

Rehabilitation Methods for Historic Monuments with Wrought or Puddle Iron Structure
Ovidiu Baciu

Assessing Site-Geometry for Architectural Design Using Graph Theory
Anca S. Horvath