Goals are dreams with deadlines.

Due to numerous requests we are in the process of extending the deadlines in order to accommodate your participation and papers as follows.

 The conference will take place in Cluj-Napoca University Centre, in close partnership with Faculty of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Building services and Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning and TUCN in 10 -13 December 2014.

Scientific research has been a key concern of teachers and researchers in TUCN. Scientific potential of the University entitled her to organize a series of large-scale scientific meetings with a wide participation of Romanian and foreign specialists.

Hopefully I’ve sparked your interest, and the conference is interesting and useful for your research. to be able to enjoy all the facilities offered by the event, especially to receive constructive feedback from reviewers, please follow these deadlines.

5th May

31st May
Astract submission
12th May

10th June
Notification of acceptance (abstract)
15th JulyRegistration open
8th September

18th October
Full paper submission
6th October

10th November
Notification of acceptance (full paper)
18th October

25th October
Early registration closed
10th November

15th November
Final paper submission

10th - 13th December