Prof. Laszlo DUNAI

László Dunai

Graduated Civil Engineering at the Technical University of Budapest in 1983 and Engineering Mathematics at the same university in 1986. PhD title was obtain in 1996 and in 2002 he jointly acquire the habilitation thesis. In 2008 he got the Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences degree. He participated in postdoctoral study programs for 9 months in Lehigh University (USA) and for 15 months in Osaka University (Japan).
He is now professor at the Civil Engineering Faculty and head of the Structural Engineering Department, Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Since 2013 he is the Dean of the Faculty.
He’s key areas of research cover the following subjects: steel and steel-concrete composite structures; thin-walled steel structure interaction problems; new thin-walled structural systems; stability and fatigue of bridges. Numerical modeling of structures: a non-linear finite element modeling; study of structures by virtual experiments. He is author or co-author of many research papers related to his field of research.
Throughout his career he participated actively in 22 international conference organizing and/or scientific committees and he was awarded, among others, with Apáczai Prize, the Hungarian Ministry of Cultural Affairs, 2009 and Academy Award, Hungarian Academy of Sciences Academy, 2009.

Selected scientific papers in the last 5 years:

  • 1. Kövesdi B, Dunai L – Fatigue life of girders with trapezoidally corrugated webs: an experimental study. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FATIGUE 64: pp. 22-32. (2014)
  • 2. Ádány S, Kachichian M, Kövesdi B, Dunai L – Experimental Studies on Deep Trapezoidal Sheeting with Perforated Webs. JOURNAL OF STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING 139:(5) pp. 729-739. (2013)
  • 3. Oszvald K, Dunai L – Effect of corrosion on the buckling of steel angle members – experimental study. PERIODICA POLYTECHNICA-CIVIL ENGINEERING 56:(2) pp. 175-183. (2012)
  • 4. Dunai L, Kövesdi B, Kuhlmann U, Braun B – Design of girders with trapezoidal corrugated webs under the interaction of patch loading, shear and bending. STEEL CONSTRUCTION-DESIGN AND RESEARCH 5:(1) pp. 16-22. (2012)
  • 5. Kövesdi B, Dunai L, Kuhlmann U – Interacting stability behaviour of steel I-girders with corrugated webs. THIN-WALLED STRUCTURES 2012:(61) pp. 132-144. (2012)
  • 6. Seres N, Dunai L – Experimental and numerical studies on concrete encased embossments of steel strips under shear action for composite slabs with profiled steel decking. STEEL AND COMPOSITE STRUCTURES 11:(1) pp. 39-58. (2011)
  • 7. Néző J, Dunai L, Topping B H V – A mixed time integration scheme for virtual fabrication of steel plate girders. COMPUTERS & STRUCTURES 89:(21-22) pp. 1859-1873. (2011)
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  • 9. Vigh L G, Dunai L – Advanced stability analysis of regular stiffened plates and complex plated elements: (keynote lecture) In: Batista E, Vellasco P, de Lima L (eds): Proc. of SDSS’ Rio 2010 Int. Coll. on Stability and Ductility of Steel Structures. Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, pp. 81-100.
  • 10. Katula, L, Dunai, L – Full scale tests on bolted beam-to-beam end-plate connections under bending. BAUINGENIEUR (BERLIN) 84:(03) pp. 132-138. (2009)