CE PhD 2014 – Promo Video

Check out the brand new promo video of CE PhD 2014. A few reasons to attend the conference and begin to be part of the young researchers community.

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  • The conference is inspiring firstly for those who do research. The participants can draw a comparison between and compete with each others.

    Șerban ȚIGĂNAȘ, Romania
  • We can all get together in an international ambient, to discuss results and to find new partners from other universities

    György L. BALÁZS, Hungary
  • I found the conference very interesting. I think it’s a good way to share ideas with other researchers from Romania and from other countries

    Árpád RÓZSAS, Hungary
  • As a first event, it’s a succesfull one, has to be continued and I congratulate the Faculty and the University

    Petru PETRINA, USA