Dan C. Stematiu: born on March 7, 1943, in Bucharest; Graduate Institute of Civil Engineering of Bucharest (Faculty of Hydrotechnics) in 1966. He completed a research internship at UC Berkeley (1973-1974); He obtained his PhD engineer (1976) with the thesis “Study efforts generated by its own weight in arched dams”; Currently a professor at the Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest (1991); Guest Lecturer at UNESCO-IHE Delft (2005), where he teaches the Dam Engineering.
Between 1990 and 2000 he was dean of Hydrotechnics, between 2000 and 2004 was rector, and in 2004 rector of the Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest; Award “Aurel Vlaicu” of the Romanian Academy (1991); He is member of the Technical Committee “dam operation and maintenance” of the International Commission on Large Dams, Dams Safety Committee member of the European Club of Large Dams, President of the Romanian National Committee of Large Dams and president of the Romanian Association of tunnels.